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Immigration Australia

Immigration Australia
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Australia has become the hub for those Indians who aspire to get quality education and suitable jobs. On the other side, Australia has also opened their arms for immigrants. They are looking for those who have obtained basic education qualification such as Diploma, undergraduate degree, etc. Olive Consultants works with immigration law firms in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth that are actively involved in counseling the immigrants and working on their documents.

Visa Options:

Skilled - Independent visa Skilled – State and Territory Nominated Independent Visa

Skilled – Australian Sponsored Visa Skilled – Designated area Sponsored Visa

Skilled – Independent Regional (Provisional) Visa Partner migration/Parents migration



Olive Consultants needs the resume of the candidate and his/her spouse (if married) to assess the eligibility to immigrate. We accept candidates for the immigration process only after completion pre-assessment. Pre-assessment is performed by our principle in Australia who are registered immigration lawyers. On successful completion of pre-assessment, we assure our client that case will be successful, if our professional handles the entire immigration process.

Stages of the Immigration Process:

1) Stage – I: Skill Assessment: The Client pays the first installment to initiate the immigration process. At this stage, we send all relevant papers of the clients to the Australian Skill Assessment Board for skill assessment. The documents required to be sent to the Skill Assessment Board will be informed when the process is initiated. This process normally takes about 3 – 4 months.

2) Stage – II: Filing for the visa: After receiving the Skill Assessment Report from the Skill Assessment Board, we move forward to the second stage. At second stage, the client's papers are filed with the Australian Immigration Service at Adelaide for the issuance of the Immigration Visa. The client pays the second installment fee at this stage. This process normally takes about 9 to 12 months.

3) Stage – III: Visa Approval: On completion of all verifications, the Australian Immigration Service sends the Medical form and asks the client to do the medical check up. On receipt of this, the visa approval letter is sent and they will request us to send the original passports of candidate. At this stage the client has to pay the balance service charges.

In order to complete the entire immigration process, it takes about 18 month. Payments are made in very easy installment after completion of each stage. Besides the above process, some candidates require to go through a registration process with the registration board in Australia.

After Landing Services (Optional)
a. Airport pickup.
b. Accommodation. (Temporary and Permanent).
c. Open Bank account, applying and Procuring Social Security card, Insurance etc.
d. Children's school admission.
e. Familiarization to amenities (i.e.) Transport, shopping guidance, etc.
f. Job assistance.

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